KHRS Overview

President`s message

The President of the Korean Hair Research Society, Hoon Kang
As a member society of Korean Dermatological Association, the Korean Hair Research Society was launched as hair research subcommittee in 1999, inaugurated officially in 2004, and has arrived today so far.

Since the foundation, based on the efforts of previous presidents and executives, and supports of many members, the Korean Hair Research Society has repeated great development. It has held Annual meeting of the Korean Hair Research Society every May and seminars of Hair Forum every August. In addition, it is preparing a hair symposium at the Autumn meeting of Korean Dermatological Association which is held every October. In particular, in 2014, we hosted the 8th World Hair Research Association successfully and its competence was both nominally and virtually recognized by the international hair research field. Also, it performs joint research of Korean Hair Research Society every year or every other year, presents the research at nationally and internationally prominent academic journals, and legislated standard treatment guidelines for various hair loss diseases which are academic circle-level. Targeting resident doctors and clinical doctors, it is running a visiting education program, Continuing Hair Education for up-to-date knowledge and reeducation. In 2010, it introduced a system of research members, opened the door to biological science researchers who are engaged in the basic research of hair area, and has further expanded the research capability of the academic association.

Also, the Korean Hair Research Society does not neglect an effort to approach to patients who struggle with hair loss. Througtth health classes for public people and hair loss campaign, etc., it has strived for expanding correct awareness of hair loss. Additionally, regarding areas which need the support of policies, it has devoted itself for improvements through the agreement with the authorities concerned. Yet, there are still many parts for which it has to strive. There are many people who lost appropriate treatment time and experienced lots of damage socio-economically, relying on wrong information through mass media and on unverified non-scientific treatment. In order to correct it, the Korean Hair Research Society will strive further from now on. It will strive for complementing the areas where the policy of the authorities concerned lacks. Additionally, it will further reinforce the capability of clinical and basic research on hair and hair loss diseases and endeavor to practically utilize the academic achievements for patients with hair loss The Korean Hair Research Society will support its members and plan academic development through sound collaborative relation to pharmaceutical industry relevant to scalp and hair. Also, it will do its best to be the association which even a little helps patients who struggle with hair loss. I ask your active cooperation and generous support. Thank you.
Hoon Kang
The President of the Korean Hair Research Society