KHRS Overview

President`s message

The President of the Korean Hair Research Society, Hoon Kang
The Korean Hair Research Society was founded in 1999 as a hair research subcommittee of the Korean Dermatological Association. The KHRS was officially inaugurated in 2004, and has continued active research to this day.

The Korean Hair Research Society conducts academic activities on hair.
Since the foundation of KHRS, the efforts of previous presidents, executives, and the support of our members have led our society to make great progress. The KHRS holds annual meetings every May and hosts Hair Forum seminars every August. In addition, the KHRS organizes the hair symposium held at the autumn meeting of Korean Dermatological Association every October. Especially by hosting the 8th World Congress of Hair Research in 2014, the KHRS has firmly established its presence in the international hair research field.

The Korean Hair Research Society conducts research and educations on hair.
Since the KHRS’s official launch in 2004, our society has regularly supported joint research by KHRS members, and has published various research results in domestic and foreign journals. We have also developed a new method of classifying hair loss called BASP classification, which is now used internationally. In addition, our research on the quality of life of patients with various types of hair loss diseases has provided a better understanding of the patients' difficulties. This contributed to improving the quality of treatment by establishing standardized clinical guidelines for alopecia. The KHRS has been conducting the Hair Education program since 2011 in multiple provinces across the country to provide latest information on hair loss and scalp diseases for resident doctors and clinical doctors. Furthermore, in order to enhance basic scientific research capabilities, the research membership system was introduced in 2010. By opening the doors to researchers engaging in basic hair research, we support active academic activities of researchers engaged in academia and industry.

The Korean Hair Research Society supports hair loss patients.
The KHRS recognizes its need to approach and help patients who struggle with hair loss. Through the 'Green Hair Campaign' since 2011, we have made constant efforts to improve perceptions surrounding hair loss by conducting health lectures, hair loss checkups, and national hair loss campaign for the general public and hair loss patients. In addition, the KHRS launched a support project for children with severe alopecia areata by providing wigs for free of charge. We are also trying to improve policies supporting alopecia patients by working together with the National Assembly and related government authorities. The KHRS has actively participated in the inauguration and development of the patients’ association to improve social awareness surrounding alopecia areata, and supported various activities such as camps for pediatric patients with alopecia areata. The KHRS will keep on working closely with the patients’ association and the authorities to produce tangible results that will be of practical help to the patients.

The Korean Hair Research Society will keep moving forward.
The newly appointed 10th executive board of the KHRS will continue the efforts to make advances in the following areas.
- We will expand support on research to help strengthen the clinical and basic research capabilities of the KHRS members.
- We will make it more accessible for dermatologists and basic researchers to participate in the activities of the KHRS.
- We will keep working with alopecia patients by supporting patients’ association and improving governmental policies.
- We will keep contributing to International Hair Society academically and keep preparing the upcoming WCHR 2026 meeting for successful hosting.

Moon Bum Kim
The President of the Korean Hair Research Society