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President`s message

The President of the Korean Hair Research Society, Hoon Kang
The Korean Hair Research Society (KHRS) was established in 1999 as a subcommittee of the Korean Dermatological Association (KDA) focusing on diseases related to hair and scalp conditions and consisting of dermatologists and specialists in the field along with basic researchers. The KHRS was officially inaugurated in 2004 and is now celebrating its 20th anniversary. Since the foundation of KHRS, with the dedication of past presidents and executives, along with support of all our members, the society has flourished and grown significantly in both quality and quantity. The core activities of our society include:

Firstly, we hold regular academic events, including the annual meeting of KHRS in May and the Hair Forum in August. Additionally, we organize the Hair Symposium during the KDA autumn meeting in October, providing various academic information and participating opportunities regarding hair and scalp diseases to the KDA members. Especially by hosting the 8th World Congress for Hair Research (WCHR) in 2014, the KHRS has firmly established its presence among the international hair research societies.

Secondly, we support collaborative research among members annually or biennially and have published many research outcomes in domestic and international academic journals. As part of this collaborative research, we have contributed to improving the quality of hair loss treatment by producing national standard treatment guidelines for hair loss conditions. Moreover, since 2011, we have been conducting Continuing Hair Education programs to provide the latest information on hair loss and scalp diseases. Furthermore, in order to enhance basic scientific research capabilities, the research membership system was introduced in 2010. By opening the doors to researchers engaging in basic hair research, we support active academic activities of researchers engaged in academia and industry.

Thirdly, to spread correct awareness about hair loss and alopecia, since 2011, we have been conducting the "Green Hair Campaign," which includes health lectures regarding alopecia and hair diseases, hair loss checkups, and nationwide hair loss campaigns targeting the general public and patients who struggle with hair loss. In areas requiring policy support for hair loss patients, we strive for improvement through discussions with the National Assembly and related government authorities. Furthermore, the KHRS has actively participated in the inauguration and development of the patients’ association to improve social awareness surrounding alopecia areata and supported various activities such as camps for pediatric patients with alopecia areata. The KHRS will keep on working closely with the patients’ association to support various activities, such as the Alopecia Areata Hope Festival, as well as initiatives like medical support campaigns for secluded patients and severe alopecia areata wig support projects for children.

As the 11th executive board of KHRS embarks on its new term, we will strive to inherit the traditions of our society and build upon the achievements of the previous boards for further advancement.

In 2014, the KHRS successfully hosted the 8th WCHR in Jeju Island, where dermatologists, hair specialists and hair researchers from around the world participated. To continue this success, preparations for hosting the 14th WCHR in Korea in 2026 are underway, with the launching of the Organizing Committee. We will unite all society members and be dedicated to ensuring the successful hosting of the World Congress.

Thank you.

June 2024
Ohsang Kwon
Ohsang Kwon
The President of the Korean Hair Research Society