Academic activities

KHRS Annual Meeting

1st KHRS annual meeting

2004. 11. 7. Millennium Hilton Seoul Hotel

Mesotherapy on alopecia

2nd KHRS annual meeting

2005. 06. 19. Millennium Hilton Seoul Hotel

Diagnosis of alopecia

3rd KHRS annual meeting

2006. 5. 28. Millennium Hilton Seoul Hotel

Clinical features of alopecia areata

4th KHRS annual meeting

2007. 5. 27. Millennium Hilton Seoul Hotel

Cause and pathogenesis of alopecia areata

5th KHRS annual meeting

2008. 5. 25. Millennium Hilton Seoul Hotel

Hair follicles and androgens

6th KHRS annual meeting

2009. 5. 24. Millennium Hilton Seoul Hotel

Generation of hair follicles

7th KHRS annual meeting

2010. 6. 13. Millennium Hilton Seoul Hotel

New insights into hair biology

Hair implant workshop and staff training

8th KHRS annual meeting

2011. 9. 18. COEX conference room Hall E (3rd floor)

Congenital atrichia and hypotrichosis

Hair clinic workshop and Hair research workshop

9th KHRS annual meeting

2012. 6. 03. Kim Koo museum & library

Alopecia areata: biomarkers and clinical trials, quest for a safe and effective therapy

Rumination on Diagnosis and Treatment Options

10th KHRS annual meeting

2013. 5. 26. Kim Koo museum & library

Latest news about the genetics of alopecia areata

What's new?: Hair clinic and hair research

8th World Congress for Hair Research

2014. 5. 14. ~ 17. Jeju national convention center

Host : Korean Hair Research Society (KHRS)

Convention president : Won Soo Lee

Participants : 871(Domestic - 452, Foreign - 265, Exhibitor - 154)

Malassezia yeast and seborrheic dermatitis

11th KHRS annual meeting

2015. 5. 31. Catholic university Seoul St. Mary’s hospital auditorium (B1)

Wnt/ß-catenin signaling controls but not survival of hair follicle stem cells

12th KHRS annual meeting

2016. 5. 29. Catholic university Seoul St. Mary’s hospital auditorium (B1)

Clinical aspect of alopecia areata on pathogenic factors and treatment

13th KHRS annual meeting

2017. 5. 28. Yonsei medical center auditorium room 337, 331

Will prostaglandin D2 inhibitors treat androgenetic alopecia

14th KHRS annual meeting

2018. 5. 27. Yonsei medical center auditorium room 337, 211

Harnessing the hair follicle to promote healing

15th KHRS annual meeting

2019. 5. 26. Yonsei Baekyangnuri Grand Ballroom

16th KHRS annual meeting

2020. 8. 30. Seoul Dragon City Grand Ballroom